Applying To The Gebbie Foundation





Please Note: Only organizations with 501(c)(3) status with
the internal Revenue Service are eligible for support.

How To Apply


1. Review the Gebbie Foundation's Strategic Focus to determine whether or not your project is in line with the Foundation's current investment priorities.

2. Create an account on Chautauqua Grants (if your organization has not done so). It can be found at

3. Prepare a 1-2 page Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and upload the document on Chautauqua Grants. Staff at the Foundation will receive a notice that the letter was uploaded. Please allow 2 weeks from the date of submission for a decision on the LOI.

4. Check Chautauqua Grants for a determination on the LOI. If approved, the website will open a draft application for you to complete.

5. Please refer to the "Our Funders" section on the Chautauqua Grants home page for further information on deadlines.



Preview of Application Sections

Organizations must utilize the Chautauqua Grants website ( to submit a full proposal.



Briefly describe what the organization will accomplish through this grant application.
Character Limit: 3000



State in measurable terms what targets the organization is committed to achieving and why the targets are not lower or higher. An example of a measurable target is: The ABC organization will contact 5 sponsors to help support the annual fundraiser to offset expenses by 35%.
Character Limit: 3000



What will the organization accomplish and why is the approach superior to other methods? Please describe why the organization is best suited to accomplish these targets. Describe the key individuals involved who will have the most responsibility concerning the grant. Focus on energy, capacity, and commitment.
Character Limit: 3000



How will you measure the progress or success of your project? Please describe how you will compare the results against the Measurable Targets.
Character Limit: 3000



Please list other financial sources contributing to this effort and indicate if secured, pending, or if you intend to approach in the future. Show how the organization will continue in this effort without further investment or how it will reduce costs.
Character Limit: 2000



A project budget can be entered as text or uploaded.

In addition, applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Current list of board members or trustees
  • Current income statement/balance sheet
  • Current operating budget
  • Most recent audited financial statements
  • Latest 990 form
  • Electronic signatures of both the applicant and the board chair