Investing in Jamestown

Plans & Studies

When the Gebbie Foundation converted its granting practices from making investments by reacting to grant proposals to proactively investing in community and economic development public – private partnerships, it became apparent that there was a need to have an over-arching plan for downtown development. In 2006, city administrators engaged the firm, Goody Clancy, to work with the government, local organizations, businesses, foundations and citizens to develop the Jamestown Urban Design Plan. To ensure implementation of the plan, the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation (JRC) was created. A non-profit organization with a board of directors that is representative of city government, foundations, businesses and the citizenry, JRC brokers development projects that have had a dramatic impact on Jamestown’s cityscape and neighborhoods. To flesh out the Urban Plan further, the Gebbie Foundation has invested in plans and studies that more completely delve into specific urban issues.


Jamestown Urban Design Plan

(Goody Clancy, 2006)

The plan identifies three primary initiatives:
1.  Transform the Chadakoin riverfront into a regional waterfront destination;
2. Strengthen the downtown core through a combination of new development, streetscape improvements and programming; and
3. Adopt a series of design guidelines that promote higher design standards for new development to ensure compatibility with Jamestown’s character and architectural heritage.

>> Link to JUDP Executive Summary

>> Link to Jamestown Urban Design Plan


City of Jamestown Traffic and
Streetscape Enhancement Plan

(Bergmann Associates, 2008)

Provides a plan for improving pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the city of Jamestown while providing recommendations to enhance streetscapes to make them more “attractive, welcoming, and safe” (Bergmann Associates, p. 1). Recommendations in the study are focused in the downtown core.

>> Link Streetscape Enhancement Plan


Neighborhood Study – Reinvesting in Itself

(czbLLC, 2010)

The report identifies several recommendations with the following four singled out as potentially having the greatest impact on improving Jamestown neighborhoods:
1. Rental property registration and standards
2. Strong code enforcement
3. Incentive program to upgrade exteriors of homes
4. Organized effort to beautify key streets

>> Link to Neighborhood Plan


Jamestown BrandPrint™

(North Star Destination Strategies, 2010)

The Branding Study has a two-pronged purpose.  On one side it provides a way to celebrate all the greater Jamestown region has to offer and on the other it is an economic development tool. North Star recommended the tag line “Jamestown Up Close and Wonderful”. To “brand” a city successfully, the message has to be authentic and embraced by the people who live and work in Jamestown. The Study makes several recommendations to implement the brand in order to enhance community and economic development activities in the region.

>> Link to Jamestown BrandPrint™ Report


Business Mix Study

(W-ZHA, LLC, 2011)

The firm, W-ZHA identified three purposes of the Business Mix Analysis:
1. Identify specific Downtown market niches that support the brand;
2. Identify target stores/businesses and Downtown locations to guide investment and marketing;
3. Identify target sites and/or buildings for near term investment

>> Link to Business Mix Study